Friday, February 25

Inspiration #2- Sweet!! It's a Girl!

Now though this inspiration board was meant for a possible wedding, this is just not my style. I can't wrap my mind around a man enjoying his wedding surrounded totally by pastele pinks and yellows. But then again, that's just me. If it rocks your boat, then ROCK IT!

Nonetheless I do adore this setup for a baby shower in honor of a girl. Or if you're into setting up a room based on gender, this would be awesome for a baby girl. Yes, yes, I am a fanatic for all things fluffy! From the cotton candy to the bows and flowers that spring up all over, it screams "Precious Baby Girl" to me. Hopefully it isn't just me. I mean who can look at this and not imediately smile.

Eventfully yours,

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Thursday, February 24

Inspiration # 1- Laid Back Romance at the Shore

How lovely is this scene?
For the bride that has always dreamed of a simplistic, intimate affair on the beach. Or for the bride that never thought the beach would be her ideal locale. All the details flow so effortlessly...sort of makes you wonder "I could be that romantic beach bride!"

Eventfully yours,

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Tuesday, February 22

You Do!...So What To Do?

You're engaged!!!
First things first, celebrate. Share the news with those dear to you and bask in the love that surrounds you. Breathe in the moment and rejoice because it is your time. After taking a second to let it sink in that you are marrying the guy of your dreams (YAY!!!) start thinking about what you want out of your wedding day. Big or small occasion? Day or night event? Spring, summer, fall or winter bride? Religious or modern nuptuials? Simple and stunning or grand and glamorous reception?
Because one decision depends on the next every little thing will count towards making your special day that much more special. The earlier you start skimming magazines and websites the faster you will be able to decipher what you would like to incorporate into your big day. Needless to say everything will most likely grasp your attention in the beginning and that is why it always helps to start early. You give yourself a chance to go from loving everything and not knowing how to cut down to only picking the lovely additions that your wedding day wouldn't be able to go without.
If you are the DIY type of gal start researching ways you will be able to save money without skimping on style. If you are the type of person that loses focus/control/temper/nerves :-), start researching wedding planners or event stylists to help you through the planning process. Their help could make all the difference as you put your wedding day together piece by piece.  And whether you are getting professional help or not, something that I swear by for every bride is a personal planner.  These can be downloaded from various event sites and they detail all you would and should cover by specific dates before you say "I Do".
No matter the path you take up until that day, try your best to enjoy it every step of the way. Most importantly plan for after the wedding day. The life you begin together will be far more significant.
Live for love. Love a lot. Laugh always.

Eventfully yours,

Friday, February 18

Planning the Best Days of Your Life

I'm back on the blogging scene for good and I will be bringing all of you the lastest and greatest in event planning. From surprise party ideas to wedding inspiration (my fave) I'll give you all the do's and dont's, the ins and outs of planning your special days. Everyday will be something new, sometimes big, sometimes small. Either way there will be great tips and ideas, fabulous finds and delicious inspirations for the everyday individual to plan that spectacular event.
I am currently in the midst of planning two very special events myself and I would love for all of you to join me as I bring them to fruition. After planning my dear sister's wedding last year I have the privilege of planning her first year anniversary party. Because it was a destination wedding a lot of relatives who would have loved to share in the merriment were unable to make it. It would have been a good idea to have a second reception at home but because my sister tries to be unconventional at times she opted for a simple yet elegant backyard anniversary party. The sky is the limit with this event (literally) and I'm going to be putting my all into making it a personal yet beautiful day for the lovely couple.
The other event I am dabbling with is the wedding of a friend of mines. It kicks off July 4th of this year and so there is not too much time to revamp this wedding and make it a satisfying success. She has chosen a Caribbean theme which is slowly transforming into a very colorful affair to say the least. My hopes are high that I can step in and deliver the wedding that she has truly been dreaming about. Nonetheless I will be posting updates on both events in between the other odds and ends that I'm sure will be appreciated by all who love to see a great event.
Thank you all in advance for coming and checking me out. I hope to never disappoint but to always leave you with something that will make you smile and eventually inspire you to one day plan the best day of your life.
Eventfully yours, CC